Pimcore is the unified platform for content, community and commerce across all customer touchpoints and integrates CMS, PIM, DAM and Commerce functionalities in one open source suite.  We allow marketers to constantly adapt and optimize their engagement efforts across multiple channels - web, mobile, social, e-mail, print, digital signage, etc.  Pimcore easily promotes managing digital content with a flexible and integrated platform built to support any application on any device.


Pimcore is built upon a “connect anything” architecture meaning that any piece of information, content, or data can be easily connected to any other piece of data to make management, measurement, and optimization easier.  Easily connect your products, personas, content, social interactions, and digital assets within one powerful, integrated suite.


From responsive, touch-ready, personalized microsites and landing pages to enterprise B2C/B2B e-commerce and integrated multi-channel PIM solutions.  From mobile apps and international multi-site web presences to socially integrated marketing tools, you can quickly and easily build anything on the open source Pimcore platform.


Pimcore makes managing digital content easy with a flexible and integrated platform built to support any application on any device through any channel - web, mobile, social, e-mail, print, POS, digital signage, etc. 

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