The era of mobile marketing has arrived and is here to stay.  The first experience your customers have with you is increasingly likely to be on a mobile device – whether browsing your site from their phone, or downloading and installing your app – you have to optimize your mobile web site and mobile apps to tell your story as you intended it.  With mobile content management from Pimcore, marketers can manage their web and mobile apps, sites and campaigns from one location, and ensure that the content is responsive to every consumer screen and channel.

Mobile-first approach

Responsive Content

Build a single site that automatically adjusts to all devices. By using the same code and content, and setting multiple breakpoints for different device sizes, a responsive web design helps consumers have a consistent experience whether they’re on a desktop, tablet or mobile.

Content for any channel

Multi Device Publishing

Pimcore uniquely separates presentation from content. Content is produced once and optimized for the device. This also ensures you’re readily compatible with new innovations.

It's all about the experience

Enhanced UX

Design different layouts for different mobile devices or deliver different types of media by device — with the ability to link content between sites for automatic content updates.

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