Pimcore is the solution for streamlining the publishing process and delivering content across output channels. Easily share and repurpose content to print, mobile, social, and web.

Multi-Channel expectations

Your customers’ expectations are truly high. Any information has to be accessible 24/7. Through the web, social media, mobile, tablets, print and at the POS - any channel they consume. And the list of channels keeps growing. Pimcore provides the open source platform to manage any digital information and assets for any channel and device in an easy and integrated manner using your existing staff and skills, eliminating duplicate work for managing multiple channels. Single-source publishing at its best.

Publish Once and Use Anywhere

Manage content and assets just one time and use the feature-rich multi-channel publishing methodologies to save money and time. Multi-Channel-Publishing within pimcore is based on a rock-solid, flexible data model, allowing you to model any kind of data entity, whether structured or unstructured. Thus helping you to keep your data consistent in all needed channels.

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