Increase engagement with customers and users by creating compelling and personalized digital experiences. The on-site behavioral targeting feature of Pimcore creates a unified customer profile and provides your organization with the most complete picture of your customer – thus, raising the conversion rates and heightening the success of your overall digital presence.

Global targeting rules & personas

Pimcore provides a flexible and extendable way for real-time explicit and implicit on-site behavioral targeting and supports the ability to define both global targeting groups and advanced persona profiles.  Most importantly Pimcore is able to provide the right content to the right target group and trigger personalized offers – engaging more effectively with your audience.

The power of rules

With pimcore’s own targeting rule and personas configurator, defining target groups or even individual personas, is a fast and efficient process. More than 20 integrated, configurable, and combinable condition rules enable an intelligent and powerful way to segment your visitors. It is also very easy to customize conditions to your liking.


Actions are the result of the personalization and targeting process.  Pimcore provides various different methods of how to react to these triggers - either by displaying the targeted and personalized content, or by defining advanced actions within the Pimcore platform.


Pimcore is the only open source multi-channel experience and engagement management platform providing intelligent and configurable on-site behavioral targeting. As a framework you can freely adjust, configure, and extend personalization mechanisms to your exact use case.

Easy for editors

The personalization of web content is fast and easy. Just open a document, select the desired audience and overwrite the default data. Pimcore’s powerful content inheritance functionalities allow you to access content without having to edit and manage content multiple times.


Especially with the rise of big data, personalization is a momentous theme. Enterprises now have more data than ever before on their customers, allowing them to deliver far more personalized online experiences. Privacy is of the upmost importance and customers are much more sensitive to their personal data being stored in the cloud. With Pimcore on-site behavioral targeting, privacy is now consistently available by the use of an innovative technological approach -no personal data is transferred between the customer and the server. 

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