Pimcore empowers marketers to deliver and optimize real-time customer centric marketing across multiple channels and provides marketers with a fully integrated set of on-line marketing tools.

Full control for marketers

Pimcore is the perfect toolbox for every marketer. Create any type of website, campaign or landing pages or use Pimcore as your connected and integrated e-mail marketing platform.

The SEO power horse

Pimcore's rich marketing features keep you on target. With Pimcore, search engine optimization is built into everything you do. Pimcore even integrates SEO quality assurance functionalities to monitor and analyze the most important SEO metrics.

E-mail marketing

Pimcore provides the first open-source integrated email marketing framework that seamlessly integrates with all Pimcore functionalities like content and asset management and e-commerce. It’s the perfect solution for creating highly dynamic marketing and transactional e-mail campaigns.

Analytics, Testing & Optimization

Web analytics, A/B- and multivariant testing is tightly integrated in pimcore. Use pimcore to understand site performance and gain the needed insight to improve conversion rates.

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