Simply because data is your organizations' most valuable asset.

What's up with your data?

Data is your organizations' most valuable asset. A very high volume of data is often scattered across the organization in multiple and often overlapping locations – from application silos to spreadsheets on personal computers.  Control and visibility into the data’s lifecycle is often extremely limited. Pimcore changes this. 

Multi-Domain MDM Platform

Delivers powerful control over a wide range of data assets – including product, customer, and vendor information.

Consolidated Platform

Pimcore is a consolidated and unified platform that offers a single set of tools to effectively manage master data records enterprise-wide.

Agile and flexible Architecture

Pimcore's flexible and scalable platform can support fluctuating business needs and adjust to support future demands.

Universal Connectivity

Data from any source can be readily integrated, accessed, and consumed by Pimcore applications, business processes and users.

Increased Efficiency

Improve visibility and control over business activities by managing sophisticated relationships across products, customers, vendors, and locations.

Quickly Identify & Act on Insights

Speed time-to-insight and action by allowing business users to directly access, manage, and visually interact with Pimcore master data repositories.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Introduce new products and services faster with a richer source of product, customer, and vendor data.

Heighten Customer Satisfaction

Increase loyalty and sales by personalizing interactions, delivering a consistent experience across channels, and tailoring products and services to customers' individual desires.

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