Omni-Channel Product Information Management (PIM)

Pimcore helps you engage with your customers with consistent, rich product content across every tochpoint of their journey.

Omni-Channel Product Information Management

Pimcore’s MDM platform provides secure and efficient distribution channels to manage the product information required to market and sell products.  With the unique nature and flexibility of the pimcore data model and its “connect anything” architecture, you can build data and asset management structures that match with your product information management needs across all sectors and business models. With all your business and product content in a single location, you can bring new products to market rapidly and easily.


Pimcore enables its users  to launch products much faster in both B2B and B2C environments. 

Manage Brand Experience

Customers are more loyal when they can access personalized high-quality information. With Pimcore PIM, you can create great product and brand experiences, thus enabling customers to make more informed purchases. 

Increase Conversion

Whether selling online, mobile, retail stores, catalogs, POS, or e-procurement channels, Pimcore PIM successfully show cases information.  With that, Pimcore is able to deliver increased conversion rates, higher margins, more new customers, and heightened sales. 

Connect with customers

With the increase in connectivity, both in terms of data and customers, companies need the right solutions to manage their digital transformations. Pimcore PIM ensures that the right product information is accessible to the right customers exactly when they need it.

Organize & Classify

The proper organization of data will allow for more efficient processes. With Pimcore, you can customize the organization and classification of your products.

Edit & Localize

With different needs for different audiences, you can easily edit your data directly on the platform and translate the content to adjust for geographical needs.

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