100% service oriented and API driven

Pimcore's Service-Oriented Architecture

The ease of integration into an existing IT infrastructure is key to any digital transformation process. Due to the service-orientated architecture, the Pimcore API is used to connect to any data source to help manage, integrate and enrich digital information.

Scalable and Flexible

Pimcore understands that the needs of your businesses are constantly changing.  That’s why our platform is built to grow and fluctuate alongside your business and consistently meet your changing needs.  You can quickly configure both new and existing components with the Zend Framework, and quickly add your own business objectives and processes.


Pimcore is based on the Zend Framework, a leading development framework and is simple to learn and easy to extend. Use the integrated PHP Pimcore API or the RESTful API to easily integrate Pimcore with existing IT infrastructures like ERPs, CRM or BI systems. 

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