100% open source. To inspire and to disrupt.

Change is a constant with technology. And that’s the exact reason for Pimcore being 100% open source.

Open Source is in our DNA

Pimcore is 100% open source. And we believe open source creates better technology – contrary to the proprietary model where development is done behind curtains, in the open source model a worldwide community comes together to bring new ideas and build tools that outperform proprietary ones on many levels.

Our LicenseS

Pimcore is dual-licensed under GPL version 3 and the Pimcore Enterprise License (PEL). The use of the GPL license guarantees that end-users have the ability to change and share all versions of Pimcore. Pimcore stands with Drupal, WordPress, and thousands of other successful open source projects using GPL. If you do not want to obey the GPL version 3 license a commercial Pimcore Enterprise License may be the right choice. Just contact us. 

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