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Create and manage outstanding experiences on the most flexible open source content management platform available.

solves your WEB content management needs.

Pimcore features award-winning single-source and multi-channel publishing functionality making it easy to manage, update, and integrate content and data from various sources.  With pimcore brands can create and manage rich digital experiences for all of their output channels at once: web, mobile, apps, social platforms, print and digital signage. With pimcore you can truly “edit once & reuse anywhere”.

Connect with your customers


Engage your customer with highly personalized digital experiences with Pimcore's platform. Integrate data while delivering an awesome user experience and an increased conversion rate.

Desktop, Mobile, Print, POS & CAAS


Deliver connected experiences across each channel of communication to engage in a conversation with your customers that flows from one channel to the next. No matter if digital, social, traditional channel or content as a service.

Edit Once & Reuse Anywhere


Deliver your messages in a clear and effective way  by utilizing Pimcore's single-source publishing methodologies. Edit in just one place and reuse it in all your communication channels. 

Managing digital experiences

Deliver a unique web experience for every customer with the Pimcore Content Management Platform.

100% Flexible, 100% Editable

Pimcore provides everything you need to create and manage exceptional digital experiences. Whether it’s a marketing-focused landing page,  multi-site web presences for international enterprises, or a web-based mobile app, Pimcore has the power to transform any design to a 100% editable content within minutes. With complete creative freedom, flexibility, and agility, Pimcore is an absolute pleasure for designers, developers and editors.

Multi-lingual and Multi-site

Pimcore’s multi-lingual content management capability allows editors to create new content in any language and work in their native language to ensure consistent content in country and language-specific output channels. At the same time it easily integrates with language translation services and uses the XLIFF standard. Multi-site support is a key topic for enterprise customers who want to share content across thousands of sites and applications and deliver consistent customer experiences on every presence.

Content Personalization

Content personalization is a key ingredient for exceptional digital experiences. You can get more leads and conversions by presenting each customer segment and persona with content that best matches their interests. Pimcore’s behavioral targeting engine does the magic and delivers the right content to the right audience by defining segmentation rules and resulting content actions.

Your Marketing toolbox

Marketing performance optimization tools are a core component of the pimcore platform. The tools go beyond  search optimization to include detailed analytics, site quality management, redirect/alias management, and a host of additional tools to help make life easier for digital marketers.

Superpower for editors

Editors just love pimcore. Pimcore provides the most editor-friendly experience for web content management. Its unique interface powered by core concepts like the multi-tab interface and the contextual navigation make it incredibly fast and easy to manage content. Features like multi-level content inheritance, tagging of information, assigning properties, versioning and time based publishing underline the position as a leading experience management platform.

Multi-Channel- & Single-Source-Publishing

Deliver exceptional content to any output channel and to any device from a single-source data repository. Reduce publishing costs for content-centric experiences by reusing content across web, mobile, mail, social and even print and digital signage, powered by an CAAS approach.

consistency in all channels

Manage content and assets just at one location and use the feature-rich multi-channel and single source publishing methodologies to save both money and time. Multi-channel-publishing within pimcore is based on a rock-solid flexible data model, allowing you to model any kind of data entity, whether structured or unstructured and helping you keep your data consistent in all needed channels.

Web-to-Print magic

Pimcore is the open source enabler for high-quality and flexible web-to-print, variable data printing (VDP) and automated database publishing. The Pimcore web-to-print framework provides the tools and functionalities to revolutionize your traditional print processes. Web-to-print based on pimcore stands for pure flexibility, a tremendously reduced time-to-market and still the highest amount of creativity.

Marketing Automation

Pimcore provides the first open source integrated email marketing framework that seamlessly integrates with all Pimcore functionalities like content and asset management, e-commerce, marketing automation and content targeting and personalization. It’s the perfect solution for creating highly dynamic marketing and transactional email campaigns.

Content as a services (CAAS)

Pimcore’s content as a service strategy is based on its unique content repository technology, that can be accessed in real-time via the Pimcore native or RESTful APIs and delivers data in structured formats to 3rd party applications. It’s event-based API and numerous web hooks allow easy interaction with all the data. Experience the ultimate flexibility.


With Pimcore it is easy to deploy, manage, integrate, and secure your digital experiences with enterprise-class capabilities designed for supporting even the most demanding organizations. Use the advanced permission and site control system to control site structures and content without limiting flexibility. Easily connect Pimcore to your existing LDAP or Active Directory. Quickly integrate Pimcore with your backend systems (ERP, CRM,...) with the native Pimcore API or the new REST interface and use Pimcore as your CAAS-Tooling (Content-as-a-service).



Developer- and designer-ready

Developers and designers both love Pimcore. Why?  Designers gain 100% confidence that their ideas can be implemented perfectly. Pixel by pixel. Canvas by canvas. SVG by SVG. Developers love Pimcore’s object-oriented API, its tight integration into the leading IDEs with auto-completion, debugging capabilities, and many more geek-pleasing bells and whistles. And unlike other solutions there’s not even an additional template language to learn. Stay ahead of the competition with the power and convenience of PHP and the Zend framework.

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