Commerce Framework for the challenging

Caution: Meet the Pimcore commerce framework and experience the consolidating superpower for your demanding B2B/B2C commerce projects.

A commerce framework for Real e-commerce challenges

The Pimcore commerce framework is a best-in-class e-commerce framework for creating outstanding and highly flexible B2B and B2C e-commerce experiences, touching todays challenges of multi-channel and omni-channel retail. Some say, it’s a true digital transformation enabler.

Disrupting commerce

Framework Architecture

Based on a solid framework approach, Pimcore commerce is a lightweight and highly modular and configurable commerce infrastructure. This is enterprise ready - even for the hardest and most complex B2B cases. 

Commerce technology rethought

Consolidating Commerce

Digital transformation and commerce strategies need a lean and agile IT infastructure. Pimcore delivers the promise, consolidating PIM, CMS, DAM & Commerce within one framework platform. With an awesome tooling and a great time-to-market.

Digital commerce experiences

Omni-Channel Commerce

Pimcore's commerce framework helps you target and engage with your customers better, wherever they are in an omni-channel environment. Pimcore enables creating acclaimed experiences for  leaders.

Commerce Framework Architecture

Designed for the hard e-commerce challenges, well-proved by leading enterprises. The Pimcore commerce framework provides the infrastructure for your digital commerce transformation strategy. 

Consolidated Platform

The framework is built for developers, integrators and agencies. It offers the industry’s most developer-friendly and scalable e-commerce framework for challenging customers seeking to create unparalleled customer experiences. No other agile commerce solution can match Pimcore's extreme flexibility, based on an unique consolidated platform for PIM, CMS, DAM & Commerce.

Modular framework architecture

Your mission is to provide e-commerce services that power unique, differentiated digital experiences. With conventional e-commerce frameworks, that’s a recipe for long nights and painful upgrades. Pimcore makes your job easier by giving you the tools, methods, and features necessary to streamline extensions and upgrades. We’re obsessed with this, because we’re developers too. So pick the right modules to kickstart your e-commerce strategy.


The Pimcore commerce framework is the native e-commerce extension for Pimcore and therefore 100% integratable into the core product. Its foundation is Pimcore’s flexible data model and the object-oriented approach of handling data. Therefore, products, customers, categories, orders and other commerce entities are just pimcore objects, that can be fully adapted to your needs and your business domain.

Awesome experiences

Pimcore delivers exceptional e-commerce experiences across all channels. Desktop, mobile, social and even Digital Signage or at the POS. Compared to the usual e-commerce solutions, Pimcore’s framework driven approach strictly separates the business logic from the presentation layer. No more hacking of themes and extensions-just use the framework with any design and frontend presentation tooling. Pimcore provides the needed stack.


Some Framework Components

Pimcore's lightweight and modular commerce architecture is perfect for any complex e-commerce scenario. Just use the components you need. Let us introduce you to some of the magic...

Search is key to improve on conversions

Search & Filtering

Pimcore knows how product search and filtering works - even with 100.000s of products, customer specific asortments, sorting criteria, prices, highly configurable products and live (without caching) search and filter scenerios. High performance, multi-tendant search backends available for MySQL, Elastic Search, Factfinder & Findologic. 

Challenging needs, flexible carts

Cart Management

Compatibly to all your B2B and B2C e-commerce processes and with tight integration into enterprise business processes, you often need more than a simple shopping cart – especially for demanding B2B cases. Pimcore has the framework for creating custom cart implementations for your strategy. But also cares about a wide variety of use cases.

100% compatible to your needs

PriceS & Availabilities

Customer specific prices and location-based availabilities are often key aspects of B2B processes. The framework provides components for these challenging topics. Product specific pricing rules, remote ERP vs. local price calculation, mixed shopping cart calculation, complex split payment marketplace situations – that’s exactly what the framework has been built for.

Configurable magic

Promotion & Marketing

Pimcore makes it easy to define marketing and pricing rules. With the powerful configurable marketing condition tool-kit and corresponding marketing actions, you can create any type of discount and promotion setup such as product discount, cart discount, gift products, coupons, etc.

Your exact needs covered

Checkout Management 

E-Commerce – especially in B2B cases – must always deal with industry and domain specific processes. And the used e-commerce architecture has to adapt to the exact needs of the business processes and not the other way around. Particularly checkout processes that interact with existing ERP, CRM and BI systems.

Digital commerce experiences

Integrate with PIM,CMS & DAM

E-commerce and transformation strategies require a lean and agile e-commerce architecture. By integrating PIM, CMS & DAM into the framework, Pimcore is the first consolidated open source platform to take care of key aspects of any e-commerce enabling process. 

We don't want to brag!

But let us quickly show you some sample use cases, powered by the Pimcore Commerce Framework. Contact us, then we show you some exciting stuff, that puts you far ahead of the game ;-)

Develop powerful product configurators

No restrictions in terms of frontend - use e.g. HTML5 to create great user experience and still fully integrate it into the e-commerce system. 

Build Product wizards

Use the full power of pimcore data model to create a database for implementing complex product wizards - with all product relations, dependencies and additional information that is necessary. 


Automatic and manual recommendations

Use object relations for manual product recommendations - e.g. on product and on category level (see related products). Or define some criteria on which automatic calculation of recommendations should take place (see similar products). 


Define marketing and pricing rules with a powerful condition toolkit and several actions.

Show applied actions like product discount, cart discout, gift products, ... in your template however you want.

Voucher for special discounts

Choose between different types of vouchers and always have the overview of remaining voucher codes. 

Manage your orders in pimcore backend

Use the built-in order backend to manage orders and make your customers happy. 

100% Open-Source Content Commerce

The e-commerce framework is - as pimcore - licenced under GPLv3. Please be aware that the e-commerce framework is currently available for our partners only. 

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