Pimcore Training

On-site and remote training by the Pimcore core development team.

Pimcore training is a vital part of the total Pimcore customer experience. We want you to get the most from our products after the initial download, sale, or installation. We are dedicated to ensuring that your team is on the right Pimcore track. To enable you to maximize the return on your investment, we offer several training offerings designed to meet your business needs.

Beginner Fundamentials

The fundamentals session provides a basic introduction into Pimcore and its ecosystem, getting started with Pimcore, working with data elements, basic administration of Pimcore.

After finishing this training session you should know about the concepts of Pimcore, know where to find what, be able to get started and create your own simple solutions with Pimcore.

On-site Training

Customized on-site training for developers with a flexible and adapted training agenda suited for your unique requirements.

Advanced Training

The advanced session provides a deeper insight into Pimcore and its features as well as further topics like extending Pimcore with plugins, workflows, deployment, hosting. In addition, an extensive introduction into the ecommerce framework is provided.

After finishing this training session you should have deep insights into Pimcore, be able to extend it with plugins, use the built-in workflow engine, be able to build ecommerce solutions based on the ecommerce framework as well as know basics about deployment and hosting.